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From a sleepy little small town in the middle of Long Island to a place at the table in the exciting world of network television, I lived the impossible dream. I am 35 years old, happily married, scraping along well enough, but obsessed with the reality that I am not living the life I had always dreamt of. And then in a set of circumstances that would be unbelievable in a nickel and dime B movie, my world suddenly changes and I find myself writing scripts for and rubbing elbows with some of the biggest names in television and the movies.Me and Murder, She Wrote Glenn Ford, Lorne Greene, Sam Elliott, Rock Hudson, Robert Urich, Hal Lindon, Robert Young, Telly Savalas, Roger Moore, Robert Culp, William Devane, Robert Blake, and so many more, but especially Peter Falk and Jerry Orbach and a very special lady in my life to whom I owe a great deal, Angela Lansbury. This, then, is my career in Tinseltown, the good days and the bad, the good guys and the not-so-good, the thrilling successes and the depressing failures, all a part of the fabric of an adventure that had no right happening….but did.


A Tale Of Love And War

From the bloody beaches of Tarawa to the secret sanctums of U.S. Intelligence in Washington comes a story of two lovers torn apart by the violence of war. When Nanette Guthrie is notified by the War Department that her husband Nick has been killed in action in the South Pacific, she quits her comfortable job as a school teacher and throws herself into the war effort, determined to avenge husband's death and in her own way to finish the job he started, unaware that she has set herself upon a course that may well end in her death. Set against the backdrop of World War II on the eve of the invasion of Europe, this is a tale of romance, of vengeance and intrigue, espionage, murder, and love unrequited, of black marketeers and of German agents piosing as patriots and an American spymaster whose only allegience is to himself.

The Blood of Tyrants

A crowded restaurant in Washington, D.C. A powerful Congressman is lunching with a wealthy contributor who suddenly rises and shoots the Congressman dead in front of a hundred witnesses. Quietly, he resumes his seat, placing the gun on the table as he awaits the authorities. Thus begins ten days of terror, ten days in which the nation teeters on the brink of anarchy. Inadvertently drawn into this murderous conspiracy is Paul Castle, a once promising newspaper reporter, now the host of a third rate cable show that deals in sleaze and scandal. Castle suddenly finds himself a pawn in a series of bizarre murders that have gripped the nation in fear. Secretly aided by an avuncular New York homicide detective and hounded by an ambitious FBI agent, Castle seeks to get to the bottom of the mystery and in the process, regain his lost self-respect. With the future of the country at stake, he knows he cannot afford to fail.





The Terror of Tyrants



A peaceful little town on the California coast. It is three minutes to seven on a quiet Sunday morning. The voices of the choir can be heard coming from the church. And then, in an instant, Santa Veronica is no more, leveled by a nuclear suitcase bomb. Over a thousand souls either dead or maimed for life because of the twisted hatred of a Muslim terrorist. But was it the work of one man, or was the devastation of Santa Veronica something far more evil, an attack from within by those charged with defending us? Two men know the secret. Brian Everett, at one time the most highly respected television newsman in America and Ken Bannister, his lifelong friend, a renowned Washington law professor with ties to the most powerful men in the country. The despotic hand of socialism has the nation in its grip and within days, the America that has survived two hundred and forty years will be no more. As time runs out two patriots must find a way against all odds to thwart a final blow to liberty that looms only days away.


Creator and Executive Producer of

"Murder, She Wrote"

and Author of

"The Hollywood Murder Mysteries"


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